Photographers - Terms & Conditions




Picture The Image (a trading name of Pics2 Ltd) aims to create a sales environment where the photographer is rewarded financially for their creative abilities and the time they have spent taking photos. Therefore, some photos and images selected for sale on the Picture The Image website will be offered as limited editions.

We are offering 3 limited edition levels:

Platinum limited to 10 prints

Gold limited to 50 prints

Silver limited to 150 prints

Bronze unlimited prints.

All photos/images being classed as a limited edition will be presented with a Certificate of Authentication detailing a sequential number against its limited edition quantity and information about the photographer.

 Therefore, the Terms and Conditions that the Photographer (creator of the photo/image) will need to legally abide by are detailed below:

 Terms & Conditions:

Note: * T & Cs Items that are specific to Limited edition photos and images e.g. sold as Platinum, Gold and Silver limited editions.

1) The name 'Picture The Image' is operated by Pics2 Ltd and should be understood to be one and the same when reading the terms and conditions.

2) *Any photo/image marketed through the 'Picture The Image' website:

 a) * Cannot have been previously sold or offered for free via download on any other website or sales platform in either digital form or hard copy.

 b) * Cannot be made available, sold or offered for free via download on any other website or sales platform.

 c) * The owner of the photo/image may display the photo/image on their own website with all sales URL directed to 'Picture The Image' website.

 d) * If the owner of the photo/image wishes to display the photo/image on their own website they shall ensure that the image is watermarked and cannot be downloaded or copied in any manner.

3) * Infringement of any of the items 2a, 2b, 2c and 2d above shall require the owner of the photo/image to reimburse ‘Picture The Image’ for all loss of costs associated with the image, including for all previous sales that have been associated with the photo/image. It shall also result in the removal of the originator/photographers complete set of photos/images from 'Picture The Image' website.

 4) * Picture The Image may rotate/schedule the display of an image at their discretion, e.g. display the image on a timed schedule.

 5) * The photographer may ask for the photo/image to be  withdrawn from Picture The Image website. However, once a sale has been made of the related photo/image, then it shall be bound to the terms quoted in items 2 and 3 detailed above.

 6) To keep the quality of the website as high as possible, Picture The Image cannot guarantee that they will accept/market all photos/images received. With each photo/image being vetted on an individual basis. We will notify the photographer about the photos/images that are accepted on Picture The Image.

7) * The photographer still has full use of any photo/image that is marketed on Picture The Image for their own personal use.

8) * Photos/images accepted as limited edition photos/images shall be by written agreement between Picture The Image and Photographer (not all photos/images can be accepted as limited editions).

9) The photographer must be the originator and also be the sole holder of copyright for each Photo/image supplied to Picture The image. In some instances proof may be required to be submitted.

10) Photos/images cannot be moved between any Limited/Unlimited categories once they have been published on the Picture The Image website.

11) Display of Unlimited edition photographs will be based on a ratio basis 1:5 - E.g. for every 1 limited edition photograph displayed, 5 unlimited photographs can be displayed, per photographer, with limited editions needing to be provided prior to submission of any unlimited photographs.

12) It is the responsibility of the photographer to ensure that any photo/image provided does not infringe on any copyright laws.

13) Picture The Image will not be held responsible for any financial loses relating to any photo/image.

14) Payments/commision are made to the photographer only when a photo/image is sold to a customer and payment has been received.

15) Payments/commision are made to photographers within 14 working days of the sale. (Note: 1st initial payment may take up to 30 days)

16) The Photographer will need to cover any personal taxation on their earnings.

17) As part of the agreement the photographer will have their commission/payment automatically reduced in relation to any discount sale prices/percentage offered on the web site.

18) The images placed in the 3D Virtual Gallery are at the discretion of Picture The Image with images being removed when required with no prior notice given to the photographer. In some instances a photographers images may be located in a shared 3D Virtual Gallery.

 19) A Photographer may have a permanent display of their selected images in the 3D Virtual Gallery at an agreed monthly fee, (including purchase links). With fees payable in advance with a minimum of 6 months. The monthly fee includes links back to Picture The Image store for customers to make a purchase.

20) Images sent to Picture The Image need to meet the following criteria:

 a) The image file name that includes the description of the photo e.g. London Tower Bridge - DSC223445.JPG

 b) Image ratio of each photo needs to be either

1:1 (Square)
2:1 - 1:2
3:1 - 1:3
3:2 - 2:3
4:1 - 1:4
4:3 - 3:4
5:2 - 2:5
5:3 - 3:5
5:4 - 4:5
16:9 - 9:16
ISO Sizes

Note - in some instances Picture The Image may need to slightly adjust/crop images dependant on printing materials selected due to the restrictions imposed by those materials.

21) It is at the discretion of to decide photos/images will be displayed on the website.

22) Where required for maintenance/security purposes may need to be taken off line for a period. For such reasons Picture The Image will not be held reasponsible for any financial losses.

23) Photographers need to detail VAT status at signup with

24) We reserve the right not to accept a photographers work.

25) A signature will be required from the photographer for customers certificates, detailing the limited edition number and proof of authenticity relating to each photo/image.