How To Use Augmented View App

Using the Augmented Viewing App

What is Augmented viewing?

Augmented viewing allows a person to preview the selected item of Artwork that is in the gallary on a persons actual wall.

The Augmented App superimposes the Artwork over a real wall in a building by using the smart devices camera.

This can be done by using a smart device such as a Mobile Phone, or, Tablet, being either Android, or, Apple Mac.

Please note that only items of Artwork that appear in the 3D Gallery will appear in the Augmented Viewing App.

  1. To view the Artwork, you will need to go to one of Photographers listed in the Augmented Viewing drop down menu.
  2. Point your mobile device camera at the QR code and dowload the App.
  3. Once the Kunstmatrix Augmented App has been downloaded, point your smart device camera at the same QR code again. Select the URL description and click on OK. This will take you to the Augmented views of the Photographers artwork.
  4. Alternatively, if you have the Augmented App installed already and open on your smart device. You can simply type in the specific Photographer Augmented ID number into the APP.