Photographer - Martin Fisher

I have always had a love for photography over the years and purchased my first camera back in 2006.

Like a number of photographers I am self taught and critical of what I produce. Which as many photographers find, the longer they do photography, the more they get critical of their own work.

The main love I have about photography is being able to spot something in a moment in time that others don’t see and the photo manages to capture it. That moment can be something nature has to offer, or, a part of the day to day that life has going on in it.

Based in Staffordshire we have many stretches of beautiful canals passing through the local area and over the years have developed an affinity with them. We also have Cannock Chase Forest, which is beautiful through all of the seasons. Hence, many of the photos I have included on Picture The Image are of the Staffordshire Canal systems and Cannock Chase

The photographs that I have included on Picture The Image website are from the very early days of picking up a camera to the present day.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my photos and that you may wish to purchase at least one, or, two of them?